Silk Threaded Jewelry

Art is something which you don’t stick to only one thing. You tend to explore many other things. That’s what I did too. Once on a casual talk, my cousin mentioned about Silk Threaded Jewelry. I couldn’t wait to google it and try the same. And this is how they came out to be.

img_0119   img_0271

img_0461   img_0458

img_0351   img_0346

img_0267   img_0263

img_0344   img_0353

img_0257   img_0255

img_0251   img_0259












Aren’t they lovely?? I just love them!!

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Never Bored of Quilling

Art is an addiction. You just can’t stop when you get involved in it. Same with me too. I just love rolling the papers to make beautiful earrings. I am sharing the next set here.





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Quilled Jhumkas

As promised, here I’m back with my next set of beautifully quilled jhumkas. I’m sure you can’t resist to start rolling after seeing these jhumkas.







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All about Quilling

As I started for office in the morning, I realized there is a lot of work that has to be completed today. My mind was already filled with lot of tension. Reached office and started my work. Oh! It’s already 12.30!! What?? Already lunch time? Didn’t have time to go to cafe and have my lunch, so had to finish my lunch at my desk. Again started my work. What! It’s already 5:30? Time to leave office!! What a stressful day at work.. As soon as I reached my home, I grabbed a cup of coffee and suddenly my sight went over those tiny, long paper strips and a grooved needle. Ah! There was my Quilling kit calling me to play with it. As I started to roll those thin, long strips, all my stress was relieved. Isn’t it great?

Yes, its very important to have your own hobby to relieve all your stress. I have come up with this blog to post my Quilling work which may inspire you to start your hobby and relieve your stress and also enjoy your pass time. It all needs is interest and a little patience.

I love to quill the jhumkas. I hope you will love them too.



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